Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Well, Guess I'm French Then

 Here's Phase 1 of the I AM NOW OLD posts.

A recent thorough physical with blood work at the doctor's office left me a bit concerned after the techs contacted me advising me that I  had
A. a urinary tract infection (symptomless)
B. a high bilirubin count

Of course, I Googled all the possibilites and was certain I would die from some rare and magical disease that reversed all effects of aging, and left the corpse with humungous breasts. Okay, so, not really.
 I just thought they were wrong, or that I had drunk too much beer the weekend before the test.

What I really liked was the fact that my eggs and bacon and cheese diet had NOT increased by cholesterol, but in fact lowered it below the norm, in all categories. Well, I'll be.

I won't even go into how my physical results tallied out much younger than my years on earth. Nice.

So, the end result?
 No infection. Just normal stuff.
and the bilirubin? After having me stop back in and have more blood drawn, Doc says:

 They show a high indirect bilirubin which is not dangerous and usually consistent with something called Gilbert's syndrome. It's often seen with French descent.

And now, I  am totally buying property in the south of France, or should I say, "Je vais acheter la propriété dans le sud de la France, parce que je suis français et j'aime ça comme ça."

 My Daddy would be proud.

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