Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cheap Beauty Secrets

They are all inexpensive, easy to find, and absolutely work. 
 Face, body, feet and hair...I've got you covered.

This is from a woman who goes to the hair salon once a year, (instead of 2 hours a month) has a pedicure twice a year (no fake nails costing hundreds of dollars and hours of time all year long) and didn't use a facial cleanser until she was in her thirties. (turns out warm water, washcloth and a little baby oil to remove mascara was not just laziness, but another cheap beauty regimen.) 

Add in a do it yourself dye job with Nice and Easy haircolor, switch over to drugstore cosmetics, and reduced price wrinkle cream from the sale rack of TJ Maxx or Marshall's  and you'll save enough money and have more free time to take a nice long vacation.

One thing. If you do take that vacation, and you go to a beach where you plan on wearing your new white bikini? I'd have to suggest you pass on the DIY Brazilian. Just sayin". 

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