Thursday, October 31, 2013

October was a whirlwind of activity... maybe a TORNADO

As is the norm, when I write about something, it happens. So, as a I wrote about a tornado in the second book of the Cargo series, I lived one.
 A tornado of activity, that is.
 There was more writing and editing of course, but also there was the annual girls night out to Netherworld for the eleventh year of craziness, with the most incredible effects we'd seen in years! Thanks ladies, for continuing to meet up.

And to the new group of girls- who were brave enough to start a new tradition. We found a very, very, fun spook house called Paranoia, and shut down the piano bar afterward, complete with pics by the cop's car ;)

 Yep. Crazy. Fun.

  Oh, yeah, there was a trip to Costa Rico.

 where we saw a volcano,

sat in hot springs- in the dark- so no pictures. Which might be a good thing.

We ziplined for thousands of meters, past waterfalls and over toucans

 We hiked and scouted for birds and sloths..

but found a PUMA instead. I am not talking sneakers, here.

 We stayed on a working farm.
 I think the lizards were the hardest working lizards I have ever met.

The rain forest was magical... and after the rainiest summer in Georgia, of course, the logical escape trip was to... a rain forest.

Turn your head sideways and agree.

  Yep. I liked my October.
How was yours?
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