Thursday, October 10, 2013

What scares you?

It's that time of the year.

Candy, costumes, bones in the yard, screaming. And beer. Always, there is the beer.
 Some folks freak out about bugs, or snakes. Others are scared of heights or speed, or highway traffic. Lots of folks admit dark cobwebbed places are not exactly sexy, and there are the select few who are totally creeped out by Amish women in buggies on foggy nights. 
 Whatever your fright, this is the month to find it. Real or imagined. Download a movie, check out the marathon of horror films on TV, or go find your own ghosts.

Of course, for me, there will be girls nights out to a haunted house. Maybe two. If you've been following along, you'll remember our regular Halloween date is to this place— Netherworld.
( Since 2002- or was it 2001?)

 There was always a story to go along with the ghouls and the story they told inside the buildings with their special effects and costumed actors.
 But we had our own. The mom who refused to pee in the porta-potty, squatting instead behind the 18wheeler in the parking lot. The pre-gaming at the local Mexican joint, stashing a tequila to go, for that final courage shot. Finding a place close to Netherworld for meeting up and having drinks with the girls to chicken to do the houses... one night we drank and danced for so long we almost missed the last run through. ( very tired bloody chainsaw chasers that time.) 
We eventually stumbled on a restaurant that fit the bill perfectly- offering all the tequila, food and entertainment we could ask for - one time, cute boys buying flowers, another year- Mariachi band! ( shots for everyone!) And the next year, gold toothed drug dealers!  One October we looked for the place, but the whole building had disappeared... best not to know.
 You can read about other Netherworld nights here and here and here if you dare. And the adventures we had afterward- wearing fangs to get bartenders to unlock the door, playing pool for free, purple panty strings dangling.
This year I proposed trying a new place.  An adults only place with a bar- and ghouls. A wooded area that lets you shoot zombies with air soft pellets. A multi-roomed chamber of horrors.... someone's unfinished basement with a leaky foundation.
We'll see what happens, as I've moved farther from my tribe, and have yet to create a new group of lovelies. What's your commitment to fright? Hmmm.

Know this, there will be spookiness. Not only in the haunted house, but in the front yard, and possibly in the skinny jeans department.

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