Friday, June 27, 2014

When your mom really knows you.

When your mom really knows you, she'll take time out of her day to send you a note like this:
 Uncle Andrew showed us a new wine, that I thought was right up your alley, maybe you saw it already its called If You See Kay, its imported from Italy and some of the stores in the US are not happy with the name especially some liquor stores in NH. 
I told Andrew that's one Linda will go out and buy for her next party. 
Look it up on line there's a whole long story that goes along with the name.

So, of course I looked it up.
 Rachel Tepper for The Huffington Post wrote about it here. She says it better than me, so go there, read it and like it and follow her posts.

 The wine's from this awesome winery in Rutherford, CA. 

 A fellow wine lover says this about it: "It's a very good Cabernet Sauvignon blend (Primitivo and Petite Verdot grapes) from Lazio, Italy that's rich in color and body. 

The bottle looks like this:

Or or closer inspection... like this.

  Hundred Acre says this about the gal on the bottle: 
kay is a creature; she is an embodiment of a lifestyle, a genre, a feeling in your gut. kay is a force of nature, a wanderer.She represents the philosophy of “Wide Open Throttle or don’t bother doing it at all”. She’s not trying to be, she just is. Always uncontrollable, She’s wanted.

And now? I'm thinking of changing my name to Kay.
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