Friday, July 20, 2007

An Open Letter Of Apology To My Body. Part 1.

There are things we do to ourselves and for hours or days and sometimes months afterward pledge to never do again.
There are things I might have done differently if I had understood the outcome more fully: the pain of a bad sunburn, how difficult it is to land safely when dropping in the dark from the second story roof, the medical definition of alcohol poisoning, what warming up means and why you should do it.

I’d like to say to my knees, I am sorry I skied in late winter, on black runs. I am sorry for the nights I danced too long on high heels and the one summer I tried my own version of the country western line dance that blew out my meniscus and made cortisone shots a necessity.
I am sorry for smacking into dressers in the dark and kneeling for all those years in Catholic Church praying for stuff I had no idea I never needed.
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