Wednesday, November 7, 2007

PETA hates me.

Not only for wearing animal skin boots- fake by the way- or wearing mink (bought at a thrift store) - or eating Bison burgers here, but because yesterday
said good bye to this:It's a hybrid Midas Cichlid that was bullying all the South American Cichlids in the tank. I think it might be a racial thing- or it was something to do with drugs. At any rate, I gave him the concrete garage floor thwack** treatment and four other fish swim happily in my wall now. So there PETA. Sacrifice one for the good of many. That's my new motto.

**sidenote: I'm a liar. Although I was frustrated with the bullying and evil ways of this large hybrid, and the costly deaths of the more expensive fish in the tank, I couldn't thwack him. There is a fish store a few towns over that has taken my large fish in the past, and as long as they are not parasitic or too sick, they will continue to do so. Sometimes I get plants, or feeder fish and sometimes I get nothing, and the drive over with the sloshing pail is always fun.
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