Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How was your week?

Wow. Is it Tuesday already?
I was around- mostly, but busy. Did you ever have a week full of ATTEMPTS? You know, the week where you look at your calendar and see all the things planned, and all the to do lists and at the end of the week, instead of them getting smaller- or even disappearing- they have grown?
I had one of those weeks.. where I
*hired an accountant to do ONE MORE thing I hate to do. Whew.
*finally got a call back from the bathroom remodeler I'd been chasing down.
He sounds great. I'll let you know.
*went to a reception for a writing award in one of my fav local towns and got to hang with writers and relive my youth partying later here with a bunch of writing students.
*learned I stink at pool, but decided I still like trying
*found out I like running on hidden trails in the woods
*went to the North Georgia Mountains- a Bunko Broad sleepover. Tame for most, especially me, operating on 4 hours of sleep, drunk by the time the second load of ladies arrived, all talked out and ready for bed at midnight, but toughing it out until 1 AM to laugh at the drunkest broad ... it was one of those moments where you are laughing so hard you can't catch your breath and tears roll down your cheeks... classic. And no, I won't tell you what she was trying to do.
*was glad for the extended stay at the luxury mountain cabin which yielded more manuscript pages and two new story ideas via a nice bake in the sauna
*managed to avoid all bacteria-viral infected peoples, have new theory about illness and hot showers
*found TUT and practiced the art of positive thinking
*retained title of CLUE MASTER, beheld the dethroning of the Queen of CandyLand
*drove to the new BIKRAM yoga studio and arriving 5 minutes too late to join the class, I introduced myself to the French chef at the pastry shop
*finished another month of SCRATCH - winner and judge page up on the 1st.
*bought, wore, returned and exchanged my first sandals of the summer.
*picked up the wine club bottles for Italian month.
*finished rewrites on the latest version of the novel.
*met with my writing pal and worked on agent pitches and flatbread lunch selections.
*offered heartfelt thanks to God for every good thing
* learned it's okay to enjoy being alone and decided to find a wilderness retreat
*tried not to dwell on how few school days are left and the fact I will be kid-undated
*took up meditation- again
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