Monday, June 2, 2008

Which Sex and the City girl are you?

You know you're all thinking it, even some of the guys in the audience won't admit it, we all find a bit of ourselves in those four characters.
Some ladies used the movie as an excuse for a girls night out.
Kind of like what I did last night with my three regular pals and a new fun extra.

The foreplay? A little hummus and pita bread and whole lot of Pinot Grigio. The consensus of the movie? Well, we weren't there for the plot, and we actually clapped and hooted for a few scenes, so I'd say entertainment value was there... not sure how much the Pinot helped.

I think I need to buy a black studded belt though

and definitely have moved the Manolos up on the wish list. all in all a fun night, though much too short, and the perfect cap to a weekend that started early with my remodelers no-showing me on Friday leading to a shopping spree followed by bunko with a yummy ginger drink that no matter how much I drank I didn't feel it... the final dance recital of the year and a night of sushi and a fun day in the sun with a novel on Sunday.
Off to another author event tonight and happy to report the shower and toilet room is almost 100% complete. Almost. The front room? Not so much.
Photos soon.
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