Thursday, May 29, 2008

Strangers in my house, some from my loins.

Yes, it is officially summer in sunny Georgia. My children and their friends have taken over my house.
I am a woman who likes QUIET. Peace and QUIET. I sit in dark rooms THINKING. I frequently walk around an empty house TALKING TO MYSELF. I often read 2000 words of a current story or novel I'm writing out loud just to see how they sound before I curse, then delete them and start all over again. I like to pace, take long showers and write some more.
I have spent the last 180 days doing this daily.
Let's just say it's KINDA HARD to stop.

So, when my kids call me grumpy because they come in my office- oh ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN times in three hours, when the phone rings and rings and people scream and cry and kids come to the door and someone wants a freaking sandwich... I tend to lose it.

My answer?
1. headphones
2. send them outside then lock the doors
3. spiced rum
4. long long trips to the library
5. buy a monthly massage program

The only thing I can't solve right now is the interruptions from absolute strangers- the ill-timed Spanish speaking tile guys and the too slow cabinet maker, the wiring specialist and the tree sprayer, the lawn guy and the aeration specialist, not to mention the charity pick up dude and the really nice British guy from the theatre.

Maybe I need vodka.

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