Monday, February 9, 2009

The Benefits of Married Sex

Am I the only one who thinks Hollywood is taunting the singles out there by releasing this movie right before Valentine's Day?
He's Just Not That Into You
(which I think should be.... SHE'S Just not that into YOU, pal.)

He's Just Not That Into You trailer

Sure, I know quite a few single folks who are single by choice, but for those who are still looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, I will bet they all agree- Valentine's Day sucks.

Even though I never read the book,( see an excerpt here), just thinking about all those dating woes...the misunderstandings and the starting over is exhausting.

Yes, there are benefits to being married. Even if some days you have to remind yourself over and over why you said I do.

For instance,
The benefits of Married Sex.

The expectation is lower. Both in regularity and spontaneity.
You don't have to drive to get it.
You bought the sheets and probably changed them.
There is no need to brag about your body's glory days. He was there.
Night eye cream can be HOT!

Stretch marks acquired from birthing his child are very very sexy.

You can skip the erotic dance moves and candles and get right down to business if you want.
There are a lot less questions.
Saying "not now" is not a rejection, merely a postponement.

Morning breath is forgiveable.

He knows how to lock the door and when the kids interrupt, he'll understand.

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