Monday, March 30, 2009

Mom accused of acting like a 14 year old boy by a 14 year old boy.

So I had a birthday. Which meant a party. Here are most of the people that attended, I think the rest were in the bar. We like to try new things, at least I like to use my birthday as an excuse to get my friends to join me trying new things- like paintball wars and tree obstacle courses and lake cruises with wine taster meals... but this year, it was WHIRLYBALL.

You start like this. Two teams of 5. 13 minute rounds. a whiffle ball, bumper cars and lacrosse sticks. then you add some of this.
which makes you think you can do this.
which leads to bruises that look like this.
and makes everyone smile like this.
It was lots of fun, even if my sides still ache two days later.

I had a great birthday, including a family night dinner. This is me and my mini-me.
My son made me a necklace out of sea glass that matched my dress perfectly, and my daughter made me this card.... and a "Landscape of Love" diorama. I know.

For the Whirlyball uninitiated, here are 2 of our teams playing in Atlanta :
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