Friday, August 7, 2009

Are you a SUPERFAN?

Even if you're merely a "FAN," you are going to love this new site I found.
If you're anything like me, when you want to know about something, or someone .... you want to KNOW ALL ABOUT it.
and what if you could go to one place, instead of window upon window of link upon link?
You can. (OH my, I sound like an infomercial.) Check it out.

It's SuperFan.
I tried typing in LOST, one of my guilty TV pleasures, and found videos, photos, connections to other pages , a comment section and a place to talk to other super fans. Totally cool thing. Some pages also offer blogs, quizzes and battles. The Sports Pages are especially full of information.

My sisters would have loved this when we were growing up. They had walls of posters of their favorite singers and actors. They read all the teenybopper magazines and wrote love letters to them in their diaries. Now thirteen year olds can go to SuperFan, type in The Jonas Brothers or Channing Tatum or Megan Fox and start their own fanclub. was founded by Harvard MBA and internet pioneer, Rick Marini, a guy who's lived in two of my former states, NH and CA and started a little thing you might have heard of called, which he later sold to Monster Worldwide for over $100 million. Nice.
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