Monday, August 3, 2009

I am SO GOOD, that three years later, I can still annoy you.

You can bow and chant that you are not worthy.
And I'll blush and Aw- shucks you while kicking up dust....
but seriously?
I think it is FANTASTIC that I can continue to piss people off about something that I wrote way back when...
Here's the original post and comments

Note the latest comments as like- last week, and totally off the mark. C'mon people? if you want to rant, at least get it straight what you're ranting about. Haven't I taught you anything?
Funny how I get a whole bunch of hits from employees at that unmentioned company --daily, as well as a whole bunch of nervous insurance switchers using the key words, sucks, stinks, crappy, worst, awful, bad news, and dude, for real?!?
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