Friday, August 6, 2010

The Writer's Lament

A friend encouraged me to "find the time" to write. I know those words. I say them all the time to OTHER people. i was the one rising at 4am for 3 years to write 2 novels. I was the one existing on 5 hours of sleep, committing to multiple projects- and completing them all, while running a household and raising two kids.
 I did that.
 I do that.
 But  summer.
 Ah, summer. Cold air conditioned rooms, soft tempurpedic mattress.
The idea that you  don't HAVE to make a kid's lunch at 5 am. You don't HAVE to tape your 10pm shows, you can actually watch them. The idea that the gym will still be there at 11, as it was at 8... sigh.
 Dangerous ideas.

so this is what I'm back to. Wish me luck.
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