Monday, December 6, 2010

Hold up your ornaments! I may wanna steal them.

Yes, we did it again.
 Women gathered under one roof to drink Sangria and rob each other.

It was the annual p-ornament exchange party.
 Well, there were 2 PORNAMENTS anyway... thanks to my partner in crime. ;-)

If you havent heard the story yet... It isn't this. 

These are some previous years posts on the subject Here and HERE: and more at other places that you can some hater's page probably. But bottom line is, I love this hostess and she has a great sense of humor- as does her Mom! And I always meet some cool new friends every time I go to her parties- so this is an event I look forward to every year.

Details, shmetails... all you need to know is that this was the year of the Black Santa. ( read into that as much as you will. I'm zippering it over here.) Yes, a Black Santa come to give you all the presents you may desire...With Hot Sauce in one hand and a Sheep in the other.

 and also... I admit it. I totally defaced the collectible Atlanta Braves ornament, and probably made some black men proud with my artistic interpretation on ornament #2. Beacause even though I sat in Jane Fonda's old seat and admired Chipper Jones' ass up close and personal for one blessedly long ball game, I am not a baseball fan... or a collector.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Cheery Kwanza.

 It started calm. There were mini wine glasses and a martini one.. and some cute alligators with boas- the feather kind... I made a light up shirt out of a $5 Target tee and a string of battery operated twinkling lights. BIG hit. ( all these ladies think I need to start my own business. I guess I make a pretty good elf.)

looking pretty innocent in his box, eh?

lift his shirt.....

 Here' s those boys who run the diamond... all those analogies about sex and baseball?

They're true.

as our happy gift recipient found out!

Andrea, the party hostess and I are ASTONISHED! ;-) 

I should have made more this year and brought them to the "after party".... a friend's birthday gathering that I pretty much crashed. Oopsie.

                                    This is the host.


and this is the  Birthday girl.. who looks like she's gonna need some glued on help to celebrate her birthday tonight. heh heh..
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