Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowed in and not minding it so much

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There is something to said for forced hermitage. I got stuff done. Not that I always run all over town all the other days of the non- snowed in year.. because honestly, my 2.5 yr old car has about 25k miles on it and it's been driven on long trips at least 6 times.

While the other moms were joyful about having kids home- I assume their kids bake and clean or give fantastic neck rubs... I pretty much pulled my summer bitch session, "Omg, when are you going back to school?" My daughter says I am the only mom who's like that. I told her to read Facebook.

When the husband looked outside and didn't even attempt to A. shovel or B. clear off the 4x4 I knew I was in trouble, and later, as businesses closed and the mail delivery stopped and I got a note from UPS saying my shipment was delayed for "problematic weather conditions" I got a little itchy.

Maybe I'm not such a good hermit after all.

So, thank you to the girlfriend who just invited me to come out and play tonight. I think I just may have to take you up on that.
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