Monday, September 12, 2011

Wondering what to give him this anniversary?

September 11, 1992.
The date of our non-traditional wedding in Florence, Italy. A wedding we backpacked to in thrift store clothing and a tie bought on the streets of Venice.
The date was chosen by our proctor, the man who was handling all the Italian paperwork that we had initiated in Los Angeles.
We joked that with 911 as the date, we would never forget our anniversary. Or someone would be calling 911!
In 2001, the date changed meaning for so many others, yet we hung onto our joy.
We began planning adventurous ways to celebrate surviving another year of marriage. We alternated years and challenged each other with upping the stakes... one year it was a day of backwoods trails and 4 wheelers, another time, hang gliding. One time we tried sensory overload:a blind adventure- Dialogue In The Dark followed by a bi-plane ride. We added other ideas to the plan... how about an alternate life for the day? We rented an expensive sportscar and spent the day at a country club and spa. ANother time we booked a hotel stay in a posh place in the city and "did the town."

This year, it was my turn to plan. I booked a weekend in an eco-resort, then changed it out at the last minute for a few nights at a swanky beachfront condo on the Gulf Coast, and in a final twist of girl vs. boy... I bought him a diamond ring.

Some might say I spoiled him. I say, I'm just leading the horse to water.
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