Friday, December 9, 2011

At least once a year, I am asked the same question...

"Where do find such small dicks?

That probably sounds bad. Especially if you don't know me.
 Well, build a bridge and get over it.
 See, the thing is, after a typo appeared on a Christmas ornament exchange party invite, I began creating and bringing a "pornament" to my friend's house every year.

Last year, I even ran a blog special, for anyone who could find the old blog posts and photos, and repost one, I'd make them their very own pornament and mail it out by Christmas.

so, you can go to these links and see previous years. or just jump ahead to this year. 2011.

 and see the woman who unknowingly opened the secret gift.

 Her face said, wow! Her body language said, WTF?

 Yes. I went there.

                                                      Okay, I'll squeeze it! OMG!

These ladies- far right and blurry got to take the penis home. Mom and daughter. I think Mom is 65.
( the dick was stolen at least five times and the plot thickened- pun intended- as Mom NEEDED to get the penis for her tree.)

 Most times when a dick is uncovered giggling is discouraged. Not here.

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